iPhone 7 Plus – Udskiftning af bagkamera

945.00 DKK

We pick up, repair and deliver your iPhone 7 Plus within 4 hours. 

  • Order before noon 16 – then you have the return today with free shipping
  • 24 months warranty on our repairs
  • Certified technician

You can also hand it in at the store
If you are in inner city, you can hand in your iPhone in our shop – then it is ready in 20 min.
You can find our address here .

How we work
We disassemble your old defective part, examine the unit for other damage, clean the inside of the unit and then attach your brand new Original EM part. Then we calibrate and test your device before we pack it securely and send it back.

All prices incl. VAT and we only withdraw money from your account once you have received your phone again.